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Predator Zone
The Language


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Bakuub - "Straight Spear"
Cetanu - God of Death
Dachande - "Different Knife"
Dahdtoudi - "Little Knife" (feminine)
Guan-thwei - Nightblood
Kainde amedha - Hard Meat (Aliens)
Lou-dte Kalei - "Child Maker" (slang for female)
Ooman - Human
Yeyinde - "Brave One"
Paya - a god, conquering warrior
Pyode amedha - Soft Meat

Technology Words

Awu'asa - full body ensemble
Gkinmara - video camera
Ki'cti-pa - double-bladed wrist knife/blades
Tyioe-ti - escape pod


C'jit! - "Damn!"
Dtai'k-dte sa-de nav'g-kon dtain'aun bpide - "The fight begun would not end until the end."
Dhi'ki-de - final rest, sleep near death,death
Hma'mi'de - unknown translation
Ki'cte! - "Enough!"
M-di H'chak/M-di H'dlak - "No mercy/No Fear"
Pauk! - expletive
Payas Leitjin-de - "Remember God's
Thin-de le'hasuan 'aloun'myin-del bpi-de gka-de hasou-de paya - "Learn the gifts of all sights, or finish in the dance of the fallen gods."
U'sl-kwe - final rest

Combat Related Words

Dtai'k-dte - fight
Hiju - fighting position, the proper position to disembowel another
Jehdin/Jehdin - hand-to-hand combat; allows
Yautja to show off their skills, first fall determining
the winner; no weapons are used; both combatants
would probably still be alive after the match.
Kainde amedha chiva - the Hard Meat Trial
Ka'rik'na - the summoning (of other Yautja)
Kehrite - battle arena/training hall/dojo
Kv'var - excercises
Mesh'in'ga - the battle dreamtime
Nain-de - type of hunt
Nain-desintje-da - The Pure Win
Nain-desintje-de -- The Pure Win (alternate spelling)
Nan De-Than Gaun - "Kiss of Midnight"
Tarei hsan - unworthy opponent
Zazin - totally centered, within one's self

Miscellaneous Words

Amedha - meat (see Kiande amedha / Pyode amedha)
Bpi-de - end, finish
C'ntlip - type of drink, effects like that of alcohol
Ch'hkt-a - hyper active
Chiva - trial (see Kiande amedha chiva)
Dai-shui - Yautja musk Dto - a type of tree
Gkei'moun - easy or simple
Gry'sui-bpe - stampede
Guan - night
H'chak - mercy
H'dlak - fear
Hulij-Bpe - crazy
Hult'ah - rear guard or look out, sentry, observer
Kantra - prayer
Kiande - hard (see kiande amedha)
Kwei - tricky or sly
L'ulij-bpe - Crazy
Mei'hswei - bother
Mi - oil
Mo - no
Nan-ku - alive
Naxa - type of fruit
N'dui'se - Yautja's musk
Nihkou'te - tooth or tusk
Nok - unit of measure (equivalent to 13 inches)
Pyode - soft S'yuit-de - low and demeaning description of something
Setg'-in - deadly and quick
Te'dqi - xenomorph secretion
Thei-de - death/dead/die
Thwei - blood
Tjau'ke - hard packed dirt or type of rock
Ui'stbi - geography
Zabin - type of insect
Z'skvy-de - birth of xenomorph from host, eruptive phase


Dark Warrior - Death, the persona
Path - individual yautja's course of life
The Path - course for all yautja as a whole
Burner - gun, bullets, or laser (not including shoulder-based plasma cannon)

Body Language

head cocked to one side - curiosity or regard
power mandibles spread - aggression
head and eyes lowered - submission
mandibles flared - anger
back arched and mandibles flared - rage
push with one hand at another's shoulder - Challenge
mandibles click together - regard
placing one hand on another's shoulder, and shaking - greeting